I cried myself to LA
I don’t doubt that the heartache could cure the drought in California
And if I went for the wine to numb the taste of the lies and all the sins I couldn’t take anymore of
I don’t think there’s enough vine in the state
to outstretch the miles of havoc and regret that I’ve retraced

God knows there is gold in them hills darlin’
Don’t you want to know, don’t you want to go right now?
Oo ooo ooo
There is gold in them hills girl there is gold in them hills
Don’t you want to go?
Don’t you want what you’re looking for?

The kind of loneliness that holds me at the edge
of this once golden state has struck me poorer than I’ve ever been
and if with empty hands it is that I return to you
remind them what it is to touch what I could never lose
What I could never lose

God knows there is gold in them hills darlin’
God, there must be gold somewhere
And if I fail to find it with what shall I pay
The debt of the damage I have made