1. Holding Out


I’d lie awake with eyelids taped just to look at you more
I’d use my dying breath just to compliment your hair
I’d sell everything I own just to buy your next drink
I’d board a ship to the arctic just to chill your glass

You’re holding out for something better

Every time it’s the same damn thing and I don’t know why
Being everything that you want, in the end you don’t want me
You pull away like a thread at the seam then you cut me off clean
When you’re the only thing that’s been barely holding me in place.

You’re holding out for something better, better to come along
You’re holding out for someone better

Give me a second chance to prove to you that I’m exactly who you think I am
Give me a chance and maybe you’ll be the one the change into who I need you to be for me

You know I’m not a creep for the bible tells me so

You’re holding out on me you’re holding out
And if there’s better for you, there’s better for me