Let’s all get together, yeah let’s talk it out
Yeah let’s just get it all out
I’ll pour the coffee and we’ll spit it out as we burn and scathe each other, so polite to one another

We can talk, we can talk this thing to death
But what’s the point in talking when we know your lies by heart
You have gone and made yourself my enemy by siding with the monster you swore to protect us from
But you watch as she goes and knifes us
She knifed us in the back when you told us to bow down to the witch on your lap
You pass the dish from the dinner she planned
But we know not to eat anything that touches her hand

You have tried, you have tried to make us see
The wisdom in us wasting time with your bull shit gatherings
A room of fools, enjoying the sound of their own voice
Spewing prophetic nonsense to fit the theme of your own choice

Let the drinking begin let’s all lose our senses and bring up the pain of our past offenses
Never resolved, and never defended by the man who has fed the beast

Pass the salt, pass the meat, pass the knife, pass the alcohol
Pass the tea, pass the jam, pass the kids, pass the husbands and their wives

Let’s all get together yeah let’s talk it out
Let’s kick it with the pastor and his party of fools
Just tell me, say it straight to my face
But you won’t admit to anything,
It’s you that betrayed