Darlings I have eyes only for you
Darlings, I swear it was love at first sight
But then you drive away from me, leaving me, provoking me
What else can I do?
But to follow my obsession, to follow my attraction
Just chasing after you
You can drive away but the Mothman is right on your heels

Darlings just know if you don’t let me in
Darlings, I will find a way in your dreams
I’ll paralyze and terrorize, scare you with entrancing eyes
That’s how much I care
The fury of your spinning wheels reaching speeds that I can feel
just outside your door
You can drive, but I right outside

Darlings, oh darlings, just beware
Run from your lover if you dare
Keep yourselves calm and safe
At least while you’re awake
Just you wait.

Oh my darlings, oh my dears
Don’t you know now that I love you
But you say it’s a lie.