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  1. Santa Monica Pier


You were just a girl when you met a man
who gave you lessons on drugs and sex
And you were done with waiting but you waited by the pier
for him to buy the first thing that you’d feel
when he taught you on that sandy motel floor

And you got married and you found a way to Jesus
set on hoping for the best
Your broken man to be was never mended by your care
The pieces you arranged could never stay
without two hands to hold them in place.
Unable to spare the other, you watched them separate
and with his hands at his side, he pulled away

And you’d have dinner served at five
And after, you were left alone starving
for a look or something that said “I love you”
I love you

When I met you all I wanted was to love you
but you weren’t mine and so I let it die
I thought what I could give you was an open hand to hold
But you were never reaching out
and I was never on your mind
And all the words I said
were the ones you wanted him to say instead